Zatar – Avatar Builder

In an effort to provide relevant tools/resources to Zatar’s developer community, it was suggested that a separate application, “Avatar Builder” and a possible “Developer Community” website (also featured in the portfolio) be created outside of Zatar. The design I proposed for Avatar Builder is a stand-alone iOS application allowing users access from the Zatar application.

The Avatar Builder will eventually function as an integrated tool within the Zatar developer portal (website) and also accessible from the Zatar PWS (public website). The wireframes created exhibit a universal app with both iPad and iPhone form factors.

The essential goals for Avatar Builder include:

  • Enable registered Zatar developers to create a new generic avatar definition without writing code
  • Enable developers to add a new device type to their Zatar account (onboard a device)
  • Enable 3rd party developers to create and manage new device types based upon the generic avatar without the help from Zatarians

The main functionality of Avatar Builder include:

  • Copy
  • Edit (later version)
  • Save
  • Delete