Zatar – Dev Community

The concept of the Zatar developer community is to offer a platform that enables and encourages development of third party applications on Zatar. Like most developer communities, documentation and application tools are typically featured and available for use. For the Zatar developer community, Avatar Builder, one of three tools to … Continue reading


Zatar Analytics

The snapshot of multiple screens featured here surface the various views of aggregate data queried by the users. The graphs, arranged in widgets, give a view of the metrics by grouping (i.e. location, device type) for a custom date range or pre-selected value such as month or day.  


Zatar Analytics – iPad

Tablet view of the analytics application, responsive and optimized for mobile and tablet, the navigation which is accordian style in the desk top version transitions to a one column navigation with fly-out menu for secondary navigation items.


Zatar – Scanner App

The wireframes and realized designs for this scanner application is an earlier iteration of the iBeacScan application (seen earlier in the portfolio), the difference being the use of RFID tags rather than beacons for tracking and monitoring. Users of the application are typically in a logistics environment where they would … Continue reading


Zatar Data Architecture

A two-part proposed design for a demo display to be featured at a retail conference. The mock-up shows how the Zatar application allows for omni-channel customer experiences by leveraging technology to engage customers virtually everywhere from anywhere. Retail is one of the many industries that beacon technology combined with the … Continue reading


Zatar Data Architecture

A two-part proposed design for a demo display, this mock-up shows the data architecture and exchange of data between the Zatar signal detection and product detection. Retail is one of the many industries that beacon technology combined with the Zatar IoT platform can provide optimal solutions to enhance user experiences … Continue reading


Zatar – Cold Chain Avatar

The Cold Chain Avatar would be used for purposes of monitoring a temperature controlled supply chain, commonly used for food and pharmaceuticals, the avatar would alert/report back any temperature break or interruption in the chain during the logistics cycle that could cause the supply to be ruined. The avatar is … Continue reading


Zatar – Dev Community

Zatar has created a community for developers interested in using Zatar API for developing 3rd party applications.  To gain the attention of developers and appeal to that audience, Zatar designers were tasked with designing the visual, interactions and user experience for the developer website and application tools to be featured … Continue reading


Usability Study Results

The UI/UX team here at Zatar was tasked with conducting a usability study for navigating between user “Worlds” within the application.  Zatar, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, is a simple way to connect devices to the Internet via cloud computing. Data from those devices is then shared amongst it’s … Continue reading

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