With several years experience driving integrated marketing communication strategies across industries, including IT, eCommerce and online marketing, I decided to enroll in IIT in the Spring of 2009 to further advance my skill set. With solid experience in marketing and design, my first courses were in the Instructional Design certificate program. After one semester of courses, I made the decision to apply for the Master of Science in Information Architecture and was accepted. Upon completion of this program, I have gained a wealth of knowledge in the area's of IA, usability, web application development and design, content management, eCommerce as well as various topics in Technical Communication. My graduate portfolio serves as an overview of some courses taken within the program, skills that I have acquired, as well as my related professional experience.

Technology Emphasis

Ubuntu (Linux)



Apache Web server

MySQL Database

GIT version control

Adobe CS5

MS Office

Omnigraffle | Visio




Drupal | Wordpress | Joomla

*MSIARC Courses Taken

Usability Testing and Evaluation An introduction to principles of user-centered design and to methods for conducting user experience research, including design evaluation, delivery, interface, and experience of a product or service. Course work includes designing studies, collecting and interpreting data, and reporting findings and recommendations from the perspective of user-centered design.

Completed Coursework:

Hueristics Evaluation | Ethnography Study | Usability Study -

*MSIARC Courses Taken - [1]

Standards Based Web Design A graduate course in the theory and practice of structuring and designing information for web-enabled devices. This course emphasizes web standards, accessibility, and rapid prototyping. The final project included building a standards compliant website that was a representation of ourselves, I chose to create an online design portfolio.

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*MSIARC Courses Taken - [2]

Knowledge Management A graduate course in knowledge management, focusing on the design and theory of systems supporting distributed work, scalable collaboration, and content versioning--all grounded in activity theory. The final for this course was a collaborative project to create a KM system that enabled IIT advisors to better assist graduate students in the TCID program.

Download Tech Comm Advisory Presentation

Technical Communication Advisory System

*MSIARC Courses Taken - [3]

Publication Management Intensive work developing and using systems to create and deliver content digitally and in print. Emphasis on project management and large-team collaboration. The final group project involved re-designing a website using Drupal as the content management system. My team contribution was the configuration of the eCommerce shopping cart.

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*MSIARC Courses Taken - [4]

Teaching Technical Communication Principles, strategies, and resources for teaching technical communication and for developing and assessing technical communication curricula, especially at the postsecondary level. A curriculum development project, each individual student contributed a full course description, syllabi, and lesson plan for one or more courses in a TCID program.

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Visual Design Course

*MSIARC Courses Taken- [5]

Web Application Development Production-intensive course in applied theory and practice of developing web-based applications, emphasizing interface and experience design using HTML5, CSS3, and the DOM; and backend development using Ruby-based frameworks. Learn agile, modular development techniques grounded in open-source technologies, including Ubuntu Linux, version control (Git), jQuery, and Ruby on Rails.

Professional Expertise

Carmen McDonald

INTERACTIVE DESIGN - Most work viewed in my portfolio incorporates visual fluidity that is aesthetically pleasing as well as components of interactivity with the end user in mind. Striving for agility and compliance, I have experience designing emails for optimal deliverability and websites that degrade gracefully in any application.

EMAIL MARKETING - A strong understanding of SMTP and MIME, day-to-day responsibilities include managing all campaigns through the UAL proprietary MTA. Versed in content testing for purposes of marketing, retaining and acquiring, I have a proven success rate of launching revenue generating campaigns.

DATABASE SEGMENTATION - Extensive use of database augmentation tools, I provide internal teams as well as external vendors the appropriate audience targeting, waterfall reports, quality control of targeted members as well as details of launch reporting (delivered, bounce, opens, clicks and unsubscribes).

*Course descriptions are courtesy of Illinois Institute of Technology and Dr. Karl Stolley.

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