Zatar – Avatar Builder

In an effort to provide relevant tools/resources to Zatar’s developer community, it was suggested that a separate application, “Avatar Builder” and a possible “Developer Community” website (also featured in the portfolio) be created outside of Zatar. The design I proposed for Avatar Builder is a stand-alone iOS application allowing users … Continue reading


Zatar – WineRack

For this year’s IoT World Forum, Zatar was asked to host an office informational night as a “kick-off” to the IoT World Forum which took place in Chicago (2014). The Zatar Wine Rack was demo’d and the screen seen here illustrates the connected wine rack as an avatar within the … Continue reading


Zatar – Avatar Builder

The Avatar Builder will eventually function as an integrated tool within the Zatar developer portal (website) and also accessible from the Zatar PWS (public website). The wireframes created exhibit a universal app with both iPad and iPhone form factors. The wireframes seen here are for the mobile version of the … Continue reading


Zatar – Story Board

Story board for the iBeacScan application shows the interaction between the user and the application and the data between the beacon, Zatar cloud and data displayed on the application.  


Zatar – iBeacScan Color

Here are the color options presented for the app in the previous post. In doing a color study, the dark with light colors offer more contrast on screen, with the nature of the app being used on a hand held device and most likely during day light hours, glare from … Continue reading


Zatar – iBeacScan

Beacon Technology has become the buzz as of late with it’s ability to leverage the power of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for proximity and detection via smart phones. Opportunities for retailers to target consumers and personalize their interactive experiences now exist while other industries such as healthcare and logistics, are able … Continue reading


Zatar – Dev Community

The concept of the Zatar developer community is to offer a platform that enables and encourages development of third party applications on Zatar. Like most developer communities, documentation and application tools are typically featured and available for use. For the Zatar developer community, Avatar Builder, one of three tools to … Continue reading


Zebra – Link-OS

The realized designs coincide with the wireframes in the previous portfolio post. Design support was given for a wizard workflow which included copying a profile, sending a profile to a device, removing a profile, editing a profile (settings, objects, commands, firmware). The current user interactions that existed were explored and … Continue reading


UI Analytics Kit

The flat UI analytics kit it pretty self explanatory.  The UI kit a .PSD file with multiple layers for ease of editing, included are various color options and UI elements for seamless integration. Most of the designs for the widgets were inspired from the Zatar Analytics application which is viewable … Continue reading

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