Zatar – iBeacScan

Beacon Technology has become the buzz as of late with it’s ability to leverage the power of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for proximity and detection via smart phones. Opportunities for retailers to target consumers and personalize their interactive experiences now exist while other industries such as healthcare and logistics, are able to proactively engage their audiences, streamline processes as well as monitor and track behavior and activity patterns.

The scanner app created for Zatar as an integrated product, was based on a specific use case, the app was designed to be used in a logistics scenario in which users of the app are able to scan for beacons associated with a supply chain, communicate with Zatar via cloud technology and retrieve information from Zatar regarding properties and data for that logistics chain.

The secondary functions of the app allow for onboarding beacons as avatars to Zatar as well as initiate or terminate data logging for the exchange of info between the cloud and the application.